Protect Against Datacenter Outages with CloudExplorer and StorJ

The DSI CloudExplorer and Storj can be used together to give you a distributed 100% uptime access to your files!   CloudExplorer allows your Staff and team to access that data with the ease of ‘Spreadsheets in the Cloud’. Secure, reliable access to your ...

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CloudExplorer - An Audit Trail Product for Life Sciences Companies

Cloud storage of company data is pretty mainstream nowadays. Attend any online meeting and the discussion of Shop Floor or Cost Center data being extracted and moved to the cloud is an everyday occurrence.  Financial, Marketing, Production, Back Office, ...

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Meet eForms: Electronic Process Logbook, Forms, & Work Instructions

eForms Electronic Process Logbook Electronic Process Logbooks, Forms, Work Instructions Made Easy Picture a world where anyone in your company with the knowledge of your business can create robust information gathering tools and records. At Deadline ...

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Web-Enabled Logbooks, eForms, & Work Instructions Plant-Wide Platform

"Factory Glue" for critical thinkers. Notice we didn’t say, programmers?

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Collect Your Manufacturing Data! Part 1 of 2

Manufacturing is a funny thing. From 10,000 feet it looks like a rather benign problem to solve: Receive and stock your materials Pick the material you need for a run Deliver the material for each step along the manufacturing process to a qualified team ...

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Automation for Everyone

If you’ve read my blog’s from the last several months, you’ll notice I am really pushing the fact that data not stored electronically is ‘dead data’.

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eForms Learning from Bitcoin's Blockchain in Pharma & Biotech Part 2 of 2

Pharma and Biotech - What can we learn from Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Technologies In Part 1, available here, I introduced the idea of using the technology used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In the ...

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Why eForms Uses Bitcoin's Blockchain: Security and Availability Part 2 of 2

Blockchain Clients - Coming to a Factory Floor near you. In the first installment, we talked about eForms using a fully transparent database table of everything that stands up to the integrity standards set by regulatory rules like 21 CFR part 11 and ...

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Vertical Web Framework for Logbooks, Forms & Work Instructions

eForms, developed by Deadline Solutions, Inc. is a new type of Web Framework, a - Vertical Web Framework – to enable our customers to realize productivity gains.

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Cheap Creates Value - When something is cheaper, you consume more of it...

In their book ‘Prediction Machines’, Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Abi Goldfarb, demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect economies and economics as we move through the next several years and decades.

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