The Competitive Edge

As more and more Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) enable devices begin to enter the market, we look for new ways to leverage emerging technologies. eForms can connect with IoT enabled devices and automate the creation of logbook entries or create forms to be acted upon, commented on, or verified by plant personnel. 

Factory Glue

eForms uses a design we call Universal Architecture making eForms a factory glue, joining together nearly every physical and virtual Elements (equipment, people, events, procedures, and more) in your plant. Combined with our built-in eForms scripting features, you can easily link events from one IoT device with the status of other IoT or legacy devices.

Connect the 3 4 P's: Platforms, People, Process, and Product More Effectively

No one needs more forms just for the sake of having more forms! eForms brings you a way to connect platforms, people, process, and product more effectively. As the number and variations of available IoT devices grow, eForms gives you a manufacturer-independent system to manage them all.


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