Business Application Development - Web 3.0

MLDSI delivers both large and small scale application and API development. From Single-Page Applications that dynamically update a web page to WinForm/WPF apps and RESTful APIs.  

Machine Learning and Jupyter Notebooks are all the rage these days.  DSI can prep your data and help you develop Machine Learning Services to help you make the most of your data.  Do you have Historical Data and you want to see what it can tell you?  Hire us to help you figure it out.  

DSI provides full Software Management for your projects.  Don't have enough internal staff to move your business along?  Let us help you out.

You know your business. Let us help you augment it by using advanced IT tools and Web Services.

Web. Machine Learning. Blockchain. Mobile. Now.


  • Windows Application Develop - Standalone Applications or IIS ASP.NET Web Applications
  • Get in the Cloud! Don’t stress about hardware and infrastructure. It’s 2018….let us get you to peace of mind!

  • Windows Hosting - Web Services - Secure you data and make it available only to you and your customers

  • Interface to 3rd party applications like Salesforce, Maximo, and SAP.


  • Machine Learning Web Services with MS Azure - Classification, Regression

  • Backend Software – Python and C#

  • Frontend Development – Javascript, AngularJS

  • RESTful API services – Python Flask, Nodejs Express, .NET C#. We are your back end development experts! Experienced data gateway developers. Robust, secure.

  • Blockchain Interface for Data storage on your own private Blockchain

  • Big Data Analytics - Edge Servers – we can get your important data all in one spot.

  • Extract, Translate, and Load (ETL) - Let us prepare your data for your first or next Machine Learning (ML) Project

Web Based Apps

  • Need a Dashboard? – We’ll use Grafana and InfluxDB to get you data fast!

  • Need Form Entry for SOPs and Logs? - eForms – a web based forms system written by DSI – Allows companies to develop Web forms for logbook and SOP entry with little or no IT help!

  • OCE – Oral Chemotherapy Education developed by DSI

  • – Virtual Parking Application developed by DSI

  • And behind our customer’s firewalls – dozens of internal web sites for manufacturing and operational efficiency. Product tracking, order tracking, warehouse management



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