Effortlessly Create Web-Based Forms for Manual Entries

If you can use Excel and Word then you can roll out forms to your Factory floor.  eForms - a "No Code" / "Low Code" system is for the rest of us.  Get all the advantages of a web based system without all the hassle of expensive IT resources.

Easy Way to Collect Manual and Automated Data

At its core, eForms is a collection of entries made on a form you create. Employees and automated systems use the electronic form to log information. You are in control. Collect as much or as little information as you need. Forms can be filled out all at once or in a sequence of steps. Even with all this power and flexibility, eForms is easy to use and creating and filling in forms is lightning fast.

Scripting - Advanced features if you need them

One of the most powerful and cost saving features of eForms is its Automation and scripting capabilities. In production and manufacturing environments, eForms interfaces with the systems that run the operation and gathers relevant date from these systems and makes automatic entries. What used to be observed and entered by humans is now in real-time and automatic.

  • Allow for the perfect blend of Man (form entries) and Machine (OPC automatic entries).
  • Map Plant Information (i.e via OPC points) to the Module Alias Tags (i.e., BatchID, System State).

  • Any given event writes automatic entries to the event log.

  • Using SQL Database calls or RESTful/SOAP Web Services calls, fetch data from 3rd party systems like your DeltaV, ABB, or Honeywell DCS.
  • Fetch data from Web APIs from both within your plant and external

  • Fetch and Record on the eForms Digital ledger

Immutable Digital Ledger

Does eForms Have Audit trails? Yes! Once the data is committed to the eForms ledger, it is there forever!  Supervisors may add comments and approve entries, but the entries cannot be deleted.  Plant operations are always available and any changes to the configuration of the system are always captured to the system audit log.


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