eForms: Empower Operations Personnel to Roll Out Forms!

Enable your plant to be flexible without needing a Programmer.....

If you can use Excel and Word then you can roll out forms to your Factory floor.  eForms - a "No Code" / "Low Code" system is for the rest of us.  Get all the advantages of a web based system without all the hassle of expensive IT resources.  

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Using a simple Web Form Creator along with creating Assets and Elements using the ElementDB configuration tool, a virtual plant can come together in a matter of a few hours and not weeks and months.  Don't let the data recorded on the factory floor get lost forever!  Store everything digitally!  Search, Print, Analyze......don't lose you past......enable the future of your plant.

Boxed App Advantages

  • Lower Cost
  • Easier to setup
  • Easier to Use 

Custom App Advantages

  • Built to Your Spec
  • Adaptive to Changes
  • Integrates With Existing Systems

 Web Pages for Data Gathering. No coding skills required!


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