Goals – Features

The goal of CloudExplorer is to empower our customer’s operations and IT staff and allow them to put forms into the system that allow quick access to data while providing security and audit trail capability for all activities contained within a single web session.

Data Audit Log

Each form entry made into the system has the record of the date/time, Person, and data change events stored in the digital ledger. These immutable data entries can then be harvested to produce reports at any time. The DSI support team can help you configure interaction with your backend. Talk to us about your project!

Build Security Groups

Create a hierarchy of sections and forms using the Data Source Builder. Creating sections for finance, engineering, and maintenance groups has never been easier! No custom programming required to set up the groups. All the work is done in the configurator. Once the groups are set-up, setting up the Forms Presentation is the next step.

Connect Disparate Data Sources

The CloudExplorer Datasource builder lets users point to a data source of their choice. If your data source doesn’t exist, talk to us and we can work with you to get a data source driver into the system that will work with your data. Drivers currently include AWS S3, Azure, CSV, etc.

We can meet any of your cloud connectivity needs.

Form Creation - View and Edit Field Permissions

Form Validation allows each form to have data entry rules for each column in a table. When a form is first created and the test connection data fetch occurs, the column headers are stored and the datatypes can be set.

Subjects and Reason Codes

CloudExplorer allows for the creation of Subjects and Reason Codes. Each data entry submission to the digital ledger can be tied to a specific reason code. Reason code data can then be harvested by the IT staff at a later time or used in analytics.

Form Entry

Once you have configured your system, Form Entry can begin. The security settings that are available in the system allow for different users to have access to different menu items.

If finance personnel should only have access to the Finance Group forms, that can be configured.

Privileged users can set up new menu items and data sources. Read-Only users can see data but not make changes to data, and the list goes on. Control access to your data and do it all in one spot.

Form Entry Commits to the Digital Ledger – Electronic Signatures!

After data changes have been made, it is now time to commit to the digital ledger. The user is presented with the ability to assign a reason code and a comment on the changes. These items are recorded in the ledger.

Once committed to the ledger, this data cannot change. If the form was configured requiring a reviewer, the entry in the digital ledger will now present the reviewers with a reviewers requirement option. This enforces an e-signature on the entry.

Audit Log - Configuration

The CloudExplorer System records all activity on the system. Logins, configuration additions and modifications are all here. Not only are your data changes captured, but your configuration changes as well.




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