A More Productive and Responsive Plant


Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a significant advance in how manufacturing systems can interact with each other and other platforms and devices. eForms leverages all the advantages of OPC UA in our goal of making your plant more productive and responsive.

Production and Business Operations Working Together

OPC Unified Architecture helps bridge the gap between the control level production system and the business network. eForms extends this concept. With access to the OPC UA data and events, eForms gives users in both production and business operations a tighter integration between these two domains.

Deeper, Wider, and Smarter Automation


eForms can initiate a log entry in the eForms electronic logbook or a simple one-off electronic form and filled out automatically by events or values from the OPC UA server. Users can get a deeper level of automation because eForms can connect to almost any plant system via OPC -UA.  Users from company-wide can share the actionable data contained by eForms. eForms is even easier with Smart Forms from the eForms scripting tool. It adds form field and value automation derived from plant-wide properties and statuses.   


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