OAS Open Automation SoftwareOAS allows Developers and clients an unprecedented level of access, integration, development speed, and visualization of Data from computerized systems of all types. On devices ranging from mobile, IoT, to servers, OAS brings your data clarity.

  • IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things
  • Enterprise Data Automation
  • Fast OPC .NET App Development with C# or Visual Basic
  • SCADA/HMI Solutions
  • New! Universal Driver Interface  (UDI) - If you need a custom Data driver created in order to have data available in OAS, contact us for a consultation on developing that driver for you!

Real-time or historical data presented in a way you can understand.


Universal Data Connectors

Highly-scalable server network platform to deliver and organize data between sources and consumers.

Industrial IoT Connectors

Transport data between IoT devices and databases, .Net apps, PLC, OPC, web apps, AWS, and Azure IoT.

Alarm Logging & Notifications

Send notifications via SMS, email, and voicemail as well as Logging events to open databases.

DSI API Developers

Our team of API Developers understands how to transform information from existing systems and deliver an API for every need.

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