eForms Logbook - Digitally Track your Coldchain Assets! Create a Digital Twin of everything in the Factory....

Web-based Forms and Logbook

Automated Entries

eForms - Touchless data entry - Remote and Paperless - Fight the spread of COVID -19.

Remote Data Entry has never been more important.

Can't be there? No Problem:

  • Add Log Entries Remotely.

  • Verify Log Entries Remotely.

In the age of COVID-19, Paper logbook entries are difficult to manage.

Have instant access to your data.

New Analytics Feature!


See what your plant is doing in real-time Coming Q4 2018


Forms Builder

Form Builder an
Asset Entry Interface

eForms is a collection of entries made on eForms you create. Employees and automated systems use an eForm to log information. You are in control. Collect as much or as little information as you need. eForms can be filled out all at once or in a sequence of saved and resumed steps. Even with all this power and flexibility, eForms is easy to use and lightning fast.

Element DB

A Digital Twin
Asset Database

eForms Elements, the DNA of the 'Digital Twin.' Express people, places or things in your operation with Digital Twins.  You decide what to track and the level of detail and create a Digital Twin with Elements. Make Digital Twins of buildings, equipment, workers and more. It's not limited to the physical, use DTs for plans, SOPs, or Work Instructions too!


Automatic Entries And Scripting Interface

eForms Automation capabilities, a substantial cost-saving feature of eForms, gathers data from a plant's digital systems to make automatic entries. Human tasks are now automated and in real-time! 
eForms includes Smart Form Scripting to automate the process of filling in a form. Update and change a form's values based on events and user and automated input.


Powerful Innovation for A Novice

Get mission-critical data on eForms you create. Use eForms to log information from automation systems or users on web browsers. Fill out eForms all at once or in saved and resumed stages. Associate eForms with equipment, tasks, and areas. Smart Form Scripted field entries and more! Even with all this power and flexibility, eForms is easy to use and lightning fast.

More Powerful than .PDF or .Docx Electronic Forms

With Smart Form Scripting and Automation,
Other Custom Solutions Can't Compare.

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eForms Works With Top Tier Manufacturing Systems

eForms is the factory glue binding data and activities together

eForms can interact with manufacturing systems and make automated entries for you. Best of all, it can be seamlessly integrated with each of the systems below.




eForms On The Go

You can access you eForms on our responsive mobile-friendly website or through our mobile app for Android and iOS. We even support QR codes!




We have saved our company so much time and made our logbooks more accurate, timely and easy to update with eForms. Now our other sites want to know how we did it!


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Custom App? Off-The-Shelf? eForms, The Best of Both Worlds!


In today's modern push for automation efficiencies, Your competitors are looking for every edge in bringing their product to market. eForms is an efficiency you can't afford to be without if you are spending time with paper forms and logbooks.


eForms is not industry-specific, but it allows you to make it unique to your company and needs quickly. You can create electronic forms or electronic logbooks to any level of detail you need. eForms: It does what you need it to precisely.


Powerful scripting tools help to create accurate and streamlined forms hooks into modern automation systems even create many entries automagically, so you don't have too!us.


eForms has fully qualified system installations to meet the rigors of regulated industries. Fron SQL Server and Blockchain, eForm uses trusted infrastructure and platforms to be able to run on high availability systems with redundancy as deep as you require.


Installed on a private or public network, you can leverage your in-place network security infrastructure.  eForms keeps user authentication and management in your existing domain servers.


Whether you work alone or in a fortune 500 company, eForms scales to fit your size. eForm scales from a laptop to a server farm, from local area network to a global VPN.


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