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DSI eForms

Paperless Log Entry
Empower Operations Personnel

  • Effortlessly Create Web-Based Forms for Manual Entries
  • Easy Way to Collect Manual and Automated Data
  • Catch, Track, and Approve Plant Wide Alarm and Events
  • Automatic Logbook Entries & Scripting from Operations

DSI Data Explorer

View, Shape, and Report

  • Annotate PI Data
  • Manage PI Data Without IT Support
  • Create Charts, Trends, Excel Spreadsheets
  • Easily Create Security Groups to Protect Data
  • Digital Audit Log
  • Schedule Data to go to AWS, SQL or Local Filestore

DSI Cloud Explorer

View, Shape, Edit
AWS or Azure Data

  • Data Audit Log
  • Build Security Groups
  • Connect Disparate Data Sources
  • Form Creation - View and Edit Field Permissions
  • Subjects and Reason Codes
  • Digital Ledger

More Powerful than .PDF or .Docx Electronic Forms

With Smart Form Scripting and Automation,
Other Custom Solutions Can't Compare.

Cloud Explorer - Book Demo

Our Products Work With Top Tier Manufacturing Systems

eForms is the factory glue binding data and activities together

eForms can interact with manufacturing systems and make automated entries for you. Best of all, it can be seamlessly integrated with each of the systems below.



Cloud Explorer - Beta Program