Spending Too Much Time Looking for Old Forms or Logbook Entries?

Easily find Forms and logbook entries with eForms simple and powerful search filters. Search and report based on wide varieties of activities, elements, and users.

With eForms web-based system, find what you need on any device that has a web browser!

Entering Manufacturing Events Manually?

eForms generates automatic log entries by looking for events generated on plant DCS, MES, PLC, SCADA, and other systems (such as Emerson's DeltaV and OSIsoft's PI Systems)Trasnsform machine code into human-readable, fully searchable and reportable logbook entries.

Tracking SOP & Training Requirements Cutting into Productivity?

eForms is more than an Electronic Logbook. It's a digital Forms ledger. It delivers your SOP's and training material to employees and provides one centralized tool for read, acknowledge, and test verifications. Tasks can be scheduled or added ad-hoc. Managers and supervisors can then review the submissions online and provide proof of compliance.

Feeling it's time to go paperless?

We created eForms the Electronic Process Logbook system to eliminate paper-based systems and logbooks. It is a no programming required web-based app with an easy to use interface. With the built-in Smart Form Scripting features forms human entered forms are even faster and more accurate.

eForms: Paperless Logbook and Online Forms Digital Ledger

The Perfect Blend of Human & Machine

Modern industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes generate a continuous flow of operational, maintenance and safety events.  You decide how and when eForms captures machine generated events. These could be completely automated entries, or sequence entries where a machine starts an entry and a Human contributes, reviews or finalizes the entry.

eForms is a control system-independent, web-based application running privately on your network. 

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Benefits of eForms Paperless eProcess Logbook

Technology Designed to Serve People

If you track activities and events with spreadsheets or paper-based logbooks, your decision to start using eForms eProcess Logbook brings a serious return on your investment . See the list below for some of the ways your switch to eProcess Logbook pays off.

Saved Time

eForms integrates with your existing systems to collect system-generated events. Then it instantly and automatically creates electronic process logbook entries for the for each one without any human intervention.


Increased Accuracy

Reduce human data entry with automated entriesSmart Form Scripting, and customizable drop-down fields for common options. No more misspelled names or transposed room numbers. The system is also area aware so users in one area cannot mistakenly reference another. 

Improved Consistency

Always available, unlike paper-based logbooks taken by users for review or otherwise misplace it. 

Always timely, records automated system event entries as they happen.

Always consistent style and syntax with Smart Form Scripting, predefined user selectable options, and integrated timestamps.

Easier Regulatory Compliance

Streamlined and simplified user experience, automated entries, consistent availability, and built-in audit trails, you are even more assured the information is fully compliant with both regulatory and SOP requirements.

Audit responses are faster and more concise than paper logbook sources. Reports from eProcess Logbook are quick and easy. eForms lets you quickly produce reports from the eProcess Logbook limited to relevant information which portrays confidence and integrity.

Technology That Serves People

eForms is about more than establishing a paperless logbook. Everyone that uses the paperless eProcess Logbook will benefit. It becomes the keeper of logbook information and is at your beck and call.

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