View, Shape, and Report on PI Data

The goal of Data Explorer is to empower our customer’s operations and IT staff and allow them to put 'Spreadsheet' like forms into a system that allows for quick access to data while providing security and audit trail capability for all activities contained within a single web session.  If you have a PIWebAPI as part of your PI client access capabilities, then you are just seconds away of presenting data.

Easily Create Forms to Expose Data to the Correct Groups within your Organization with Data Explorer Security options.

Limit who sees different parts of the PI data. 

Manage PI Data Without IT Support

Self Service.  Once a form is mapped to an Element Node within your AF database, data is flattened into a 'Spreadsheet' like view. 

Create Charts, Trends, Excel Spreadsheets

DataExplorer allows you to present trends based on custom start and end times.  When mapping to the Event Frames in your AF system, the start and stop times are chosen for you.  View all your attributes related to an EF time frame.  

Annotate PI Data

Attach notes and information to any cell or row of data.  The metadata will be stored in the DSI Data Explorer outside the actual PI system.

Digital Audit Log

Anybody who uses the system creates breadcrumbs. We log queries, views, and printing and of all data.

Schedule Data to go to AWS, SQL or Local Filestore

Like a particular view?  The Data Explorer allows you to schedule your data to go to the destination of your choice - the cloud or a local file store.  You just choose the period and frequency( i.e Every 5 minutes, fetch 5 rows of data).


Cloud Explorer - Beta Program


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