Things That Get Digital Twins

ElementDB : A ‘Digital Twin’ Asset Database

Everything gets a Digital Twin

At the core of the eForms Lightning system is ‘ElementDB’. ElementDB is Lightning’s Asset Database system. Plant owners and operators can represent anything in the plant with a Digital Twin from within the system. Equipment, rooms, buildings, personnel, SOPs, Work Instructions, etc. If it is used in the plant, you can make a digital twin of it and always be able to capture information against it and the data is in a single reliable place. Transparent and safe.

Element types

  • Do you have a lot of similar assets? Like tanks rooms? ElementDB makes it easy with Element Types.

  • Create a single element type for rooms with associated properties and then create individual elements for each room in your facility. No need to do repetitive work.

  • Assign Log entry forms to your Element types and like magic – you can now capture information about your assets at any time – easily with no programming or expensive IT involvement.

<i>e</i>Forms Element Types Example

eForms Element Types Example


  • The heart and soul of your Lightning System

  • An element for everything your care about at your facility

  • Recall data and entries at any time using the powerful Search feature

  • If it exists in the real world, then it should exist on the network.

  • Trace all things against everything. Never wonder what happened in the past. Just replay the log entries at any given time

  • Record Element log entries on the Blockchain (coming in 2018).

  • Immutable asset data.

  • No programming necessary

  • Advanced Scripting for 3rd party integration

  • Create forms with different field types to capture a host of different data types including files and images.

<i>e</i>Forms Elements Examples

eForms Elements Examples


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