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A LogTag®'s Best Friend, WVS - Wireless Validation System.

What is WVS®?

WVS software provides a powerful yet user-friendly tool to configure, retrieve data, and produce analytical reports from up to 64 LogTag devices. LogTag products a have high capacity to record time stamped temperature and humidity reading. Many industries use LogTag recorders to monitor the environmental conditions for various products to verify an acceptable environment has persisted over time.

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Applications for WVS and LogTags

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Use WVS in agriculture to track the temperature of produce on the journey from g probes and running wires through door seals. The LogTag recorders log the data internally and WVS app configures each device and then reads the data after the study is over. This prevents the mass of wires from creating gaps in door seals and RF interference from wireless probes.

How does WVS work?

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WVS allows you set up LogTag devices (1 - 64) for a study of the environmental conditions a product over a specified time. After the study is complete, WVS collects the recorded data from each of the study’s LogTags and begins the processes of analyzing the data in a simple to create and easy to understand report. By placing the LogTag sensors in various locations you can construct and environmental map of the conditions over the monitored time. 

What are the advantages of Using WVS?
  • When it comes to validating appliances, LogTag recorders allow for studies without wires passing through a door.
  • Going wireless ensures that there is no impact of air seals and keeps the study area free of dangling wires.
  • WVS is a fully qualified software solution that has cGMP Validation Documentation available.
  • Use of a user name and password keeps WVS secure and the audit trail tracks user interactions and events.
  • WVS is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • The graphical interface provides step by step guidance and an easy to use point and click report setup process.
  • Use WVS to do Temperature Mapping.

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